Saturday Sept 28, 2019


Look for more information about our Fall Nutrition Challenge via FB or previous post’s. Sign up now. We start Tue Oct 1, 2019

Saturday 9am  with Coach Russ! Sign up for class via your Push Press App.

Warm Up:
3 rounds,
30sec Rope Smash
Box Jump Ladder
Agility Ladder
100m Farmer Carry

Teams of 2
15min AMRAP
Partner A Cal Row
Partner B 4 Devils Press (35/25)
6 DB Box Step Overs (24/20) (35/25)
8 DB Alt Reverse Lunges
*Score is Cal Row Combined
Rest 2min
10min AMRAP
Partner A 200m Run
Partner B Amrap Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
*Score is Med Ball Cleans Combined