Tuesday Jan 28, 2020


Tracking App for our members is LIVE!!

These are the steps you need to take to get SugarWOD download and connected to the gym.

1. Download Free Sugar WOD app!

Apple users download this..

Google users download this..

2. Create a FREE TO YOU account with password.

3. In settings under primary gym, search “CrossFit Lcvalley”. Non Members will not have access to our gym’s whiteboard.

4. Click on “whiteboard” you should see all of last weeks programming along with any notes that were left for members. Click on any one of those days and you will be able to log your weights/times/etc. You will tap the “results” button to log your scores.

5. Leave a fist bump or words of encouragement to your classmates or members that don’t work out in your class.

 You can not view programming ahead of time via SW, and will need to check that under your work out tab in Push Press. Members who have accounts in bad standing, cancel membership, are not members of CFLCV or do not use their Push Press will not have access to this. We have made it available to you all for free so that you can be successful in your training.