Fall Nutrition Challenge 2019


Nutrition Challenge: Calories In Calories Out, How well do you know your body?

Oct 1- Nov 10 $30.00 for Members. $50.00 for Non-Members

The goal is to learn what your body needs to perform at the level you intend but also lose weight. Hence Calories In.. Calories Out. You need to be in some form of deficit if you want to lose weight. The same as if you are trying to gain muscle. But do you know your balance? Can you lose weight and keep it off, without being hungry and binge eating? Are you trying to gain muscle but feel like you get fluffy instead of muscular? Everyone operates differently, which is why we want options.

Your relationship with your body is not a one-night stand or a summer fling. You are literally in that thing for your entire life. You can’t just get a new one. And just like any relationship, it involves learning to listen and to compromise and to pay attention to how things feel and function. Be patient with yourself as you learn your body’s language and be patient with it while it learns how to interpret the things you do to it. Rome wasn’t built over night, and neither were you.

Here is how this is gonna work. We will schedule weigh in’s Monday Sept 30 and Tue Oct 1, 2019. At your weigh in, we will record your current body weight, (prework out) your current body fat, and some quick measurements. You will be handed 6 weekly scoresheets and need to declare 3 things, they are..

  • 3 Declarations

Choice of Nutrition template for challenge, Keto/Whole 30/Macros. Whatever you choose, you must stick to the entirety of the challenge.

One lifestyle change that you want to take away. This is something you could consider having a negative affect.. (no booze, fast food, no sugar.)

One lifestyle change that you want to add in. Consider this your positive addition. (Water, better sleep, meal prepping, regular fitness schedule, more veggies, random act of kindness. )


Ways to earn:

Sticking to your nutrition path, and earning weekly points.


Points per Week: (10 possible)

5 for adherence of food goals

1 for adhering to lifestyle change #1

1 for adhering to lifestyle change #2

1 for fitness, 4 days of active high heart rate, 30min minimum, can be class, running, hiking, whatever gets your heart going.

1 for mobility, in class or on own

1 for turning in weekly points and feedback sheets to your coach (these are supplied by CFLCV)


Food isn’t always enough to balance hormones and nutrients, you can supplement if needed, however Supplements are just that, supplements. Food first and then if you are low appropriately replace any Marco or Micronutrients you need. One thing we suggest you ensure you are intaking enough of is your fiber. If you have a healthy digestive system that allows everything else to work properly.

Weights/Measurements are done Sept 30 and Oct 1, schedule a weigh in time. Plan for 10min with Coach Amanda to help you get set up. If you need a special time or day, please contact us to see if we can adjust fairly for you.

If you are tracking macro’s we can and will help you plan accordingly with a free app, such as My Macro Plus or My Fitness Pal. If you are Keto we suggest you still use a way to track. Whole 30 does not need a tracking method but the rules with what you can eat are much stricter.



Be Honest with yourself, it’s on you if you stray away from your declarations.

NO WEIGHING: stay off the scale after weigh ins until the final week.

Who is eligible!? Everyone who signs up to play, coaches, members, family members, nonmembers, your neighbors, your teenager! Everyone can participate and everyone can win.



Winners will be judged/chosen by any 2 members of the staff who are not participating. They will be based on points accrued, body composition, BF loss and Body Weight loss

1st Place: 100$ cash

Second Place: CFLCV Yeti Tumbler

Register Below for Non Members. 


CFLCV Members can register in their Push Press App under events until Oct 1, 5:30pm