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Access to unlimited classes thru the month. 


3x / week


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2x / week

*College rate is applied to those enrolled in college, online or physical course. With some form of ID for enrollment.

**Applies to ages 14-17 enrolled in junior high/high school. College students are not eligible for the youth plan.

Membership Policy Information

All cancellations and pauses must go thru email, ( [email protected] ) they require a 21-day written notice. We do not accept notice in class, via text, FB message or in passing. Please email to have accurate information on file. 

We will allow any membership to pause for 60days with a 14-day email notice and keep the members current rate. At the end of the 60 days, you can cancel or pay a month at your rate.

Punch cards are not available to share and have a strict 90 day expiration date.

If you cancel and come back, your new membership is the current rate. We do not hold grandfathered rates past the 60days.

HSA/FSA Information

Using your HSA/FSA dollars is easy. All you need is a Letter of Medical Need (LMN). We’ve teamed up with TrueMed to make this easy! Follow the link below and complete the simple intake form. Once you are approved, you’ll receive your LMN. You will be charged $30 for this - good news, it’s reimbursable too!

That’s all you need to do. You’ve unlocked your HSA/FSA dollars. Now your membership is eligible to be reimbursed right back to you. 

You can withdraw money from your HSA/FSA and reimburse yourself directly. Do it every time you’re charged, every month, quarterly, even save up and reimburse yourself at the end of the year for a little holiday bonus! It’s up to you.

Corporate Discounts

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Punch Card


15 classes. Expires 90 days from date of purchase.

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Drop In Rate

$26.50 plus tax

Price is per session. Does not include child care.
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Personal Training

$55 per session

$65 a session for non-members.

Nutrition Counseling


8 weeks. One-on-one.

Mini-Fitter Program


These sessions are sprinkled across the year based on school and community athletic programs. Contact us to get your child on a list. [email protected]