Friday Dec 20, 2019


Warm Up: 
10min EMOM
1 Burpee 2 lunges 3 Air-Squats 4 Jumping Jacks
2 rounds with empty barbell, 10 reps
RDL, Bent Row, Strict Press, Back Squat

Deadlift building
6, 5, 4, 3 singles at 90%
alt with
Push Press 7rep building

AMRAP 2min x 4sets
Thruster Plus* Ladder 95/65lbs
Rest 2:00
*Rep 1 is a thruster, Rep 2 is a thruster plus a push press, Rep 3 is a thruster plus 2 push press, and so on adding 1 push press to each rep as you go. Sets do not have to be unbroken, but you may hold onto the bar as long as you’d like.