Monday Nov 25, 2019


Warm Up:
3 rounds
300m Row
30sec Squat Hold
10 Banded OHS
10 Walking Lunge
Then group banded shoulder stretch


14min EMOM
OHS, building to 3 rep
*As a team of 2,
both partners find a
3RM OHS from the floor* in 14 minutes.
*Only one person may do their 3RM at once. After P1 completes their 3rd OH Squat, they must hold their barbell overhead until P2 locks out their 3rd OH squat. Score is each athlete’s best 3RM added together.

AMRAP 16 Minutes
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
12/9 Calorie Row
6 Bar Muscle Up
*scale options, C2B, Chin Over, Strict from Box,
* complete full rounds before switching