Tuesday Sept 24, 2019


Wed Sept 25th, at 5:45pm we will have a quick and informal nutrition challenge meeting. If you have questions this is a great time to come. Anyone unable to make it can email of FB message us any questions they have. 

 Next Yoga Class is Tues Oct 1, at 730pm 

Warm Up: 
5 Rounds
30 sec Deadhang
5 Strict Pull Ups
200m Row
10 Jump Squats

5 rep Clean
Touch and Go

40 Double Unders
20 Thrusters (75/55)
40 Double Unders
20 Power Snatch (75/55)
40 Double Unders
20 Cleans (75/55) Full Squat
40 Double Unders
20 BARF-Acing Burpees
40 Double Unders